Sunday, July 27, 2008


Well obviously, shame on me for neglecting to chronicle my knitting and scientific exploits in graphic and often boring detail.

In knitting: I am trying to design a nice, sturdy grocery bag of weird 100% nylon. The hopes are that it will stretch less than the cotton versions while remaining lightweight. Two versions have already been rejected so far.

Other projects are finally coming together; as they are finished, proud pictures will follow.

Dyeing is super fun. Can't wait to do more.

Lastly, received another compliment on the lovingly named "idiot slippers" that I made in a wave of desperately wanting a one-night project. I'm annoyed that people like these so much, almost no skill went into making them. I'd much rather hear about how nice my lacework is.

In science: working long and hard. Knitting, reading, eating, sleeping and life take an unimpressive backseat to science lately. First thoughts of whether I can make a living doing anything but science have surfaced. Could definitely use a "good results day" pick-me-up.

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