Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh the Bounty!

This was knit in one day, one long lazy Saturday. It's made entirely of Caron Wintuk, which is incredibly stiff and sticky yarn. I would probably never use it for anything that would touch skin. But it was perfect for this. The pattern is Kimberly Chapman's (who is also the designer of the DNA model, and thus a hero) and is incredibly straightforward and easy to follow.

I chose to knit the cob inside out, so that my rounds were knit instead of purled. This would have worked fine, except I didn't give the decreases enough thought and they were a bit sloppy once reversed. Of course, no one said anything. ("My that is a nice knit ear of corn, except for those unsightly decreases.")

The nature of the yarn and the sized down needles made this a very rigid piece. More rigid than the turkey leg, when it was knit. This was great, since it held it's shape really nicely- even the leaves had a pliable quality to them.
Bottom line: The Midwest loves corn.

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