Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bicycles, too.

As you may or may not know (or care), I'm in the market for a new bicycle. I want to be able to ride roads, gravel trails and occasionally tour (at least have the option to tour/ride very far without dying... nevermind the Ohiopyle incident).
I had the good fortune to ride the Jamis Satellite Femme this weekend, and I can honestly say it is so much better in person than whatever you're thinking now. It rides beautifully and looks all shiny and wow (and was on sale!). I think I felt the way grown men feel about new cars. What a classy ride.
I also test rode an '08 Surly Cross-Check. Not nearly as dainty as the Jamis, but also a fun ride. Very functional- akin to a Subaru in my mind. Solid and handsome. A really nice bike with unfortunate color options and an equally unfortunate and sloppy brand typeface. The look of the bike suggests the rider doesn't always use a napkin when eating.
Lastly, I had a look at the Trek 7.3 FX WSD. Designed for women, decorated for small girls. I didn't even ride it, I was so turned off by the pixelated flower decals. Gag. Major disappointment. However the District (below) is rocking, but totally not right for me.
I had hoped to check out some other options, especially Bianchi (since I'm told Italian cyclists are a bit more petite) and Fuji, but as it turns out no one really stocks cross bikes for small people.

Bottom line, still no bike.

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