Friday, August 14, 2009

In anticipation for a stressed out pre-candidacy fall season, I've made some mid-year resolutions:

1. Learn to knit and finish socks, in earnest.
To help achieve this - Three classes in September at Wonderknit in Clintonville.

2. To exercise twice a week, so as not to feel fat/implode from stress.
To help achieve this - Gym class membership with once-gym buddy Carie.

3. To organize my clothes and yarn.
To help achieve this - I'm really on my own here...

4. To study a little bit every day until candidacy.
To help achieve this - At the beginning of each week, I'll print and organize 7-10 papers and carry them with me everywhere. I'm a firm believer that the physical weight and burden from carrying unfinished work around motivates me.

Hopefully in a month's time, I can update with my stellar progress.

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