Friday, March 12, 2010

That's so Raglan.

Ok, so I mentioned the Queensland Collection gray tweedy awesomeness that I got (ahem, 40%). I was really inspired to make a Mr. Rogers-geek-chic deep V-necked cardigan and had every intention of making the Mrs. Darcy cardigan. However, upon winding the yarn, I realized that as a DK, it was definitely more on the 'fingering' than 'worsted' side of the spectrum. It's a surprisingly delicate yarn for having that manly tweedy look. Anyway, there was no way I could knit Darcy on size-9 needles, and even less of a chance that I'd properly rewrite the pattern for my yarn.

Thank goodness for Google, which allowed me to successfully search for "top-down raglan formula" I was hoping to find somewhere to plug in my gauge and measurements and head off to the races- and I did! Enter: Pam Costello, from St. Paul, Minnesota who adapted and published her "Incredible Custom Fit Raglan Formula."

So the new plan: use Hilary Smith Calis' Safire (top-down raglan, deep-V cardigan) and the original Darcy as inspiration and modify stitch counts with the Formula, and then hope it turns into something wearable. (Isn't that always the hope?)

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