Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hittin' the knittin'

Contrary to my posting frequency, I have been knitting, thinking about knitting, and sciencing. As a preview of things to come, I have recently finished a pistachio-colored shrug, a secret gift for B (featuring a return to my yarn dyeing adventures), and a wacky vest/tunic/dress that i love/hate. So expect photos soon.

This weekend I scored big time at Knitter's Mercantile, who was holding a winter sale on wools. I snatched up some Queensland Collection- enough for two sweaters- at 40% off!! Cannot wait to start on two cardigans that I have planned for this great yarn. I know a wool cardigan is inherently wintery, but whatever, I love cardigans all year round.
First on the agenda is the Mrs. Darcy cardigan in Rustic tweed in an awesome gray kettle dyed tweed. The yarn is a wool/alpaca blend so it still feels soft. I'm stoked about the completely nerdy combination of a tweed cardigan.
Next is a cardigan I've been dying to make for a long time, the Emerald Isle Cardigan by Melissa Wehrle from neoknits (I love love love her designs). I bought the issue of Knitscene at JoAnn's with a 1/2 off coupon when it was out in print for about $4.00 (pretty good for that many patterns, in hindsight). I had been planning to do navy or silvery gray to be practical, but I just couldn't commit to a yarn. I should say I couldn't commit to a yarn, until the sale at the Merc. The Queensland Collection Rustic Wool was just staring at me, in the 40% off bin, in my color- olive. Olive is a new neutral anyway, and besides, I just like it. Case closed.

Cautiously optimistic that I'm back for a springtime full of knitting!

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