Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Art-asaurus. Wall 1, part 2.

So after some confusion, I realized the fella left a surprise gift for me just days after I hung my photo collage thingy. Sadly, he thought it would look nice on the very wall that I'd just covered. Oh no!

But I'm all for making lemonade, and turned to the same wall. It occurred to me that the artwork would balance the wall. It's smaller than the collage thingy, but the same black framing. Since it's over a bookshelf and the tv, the small scale kind of works for me.

And if you're wondering the strange black and white abstract art is actually blurry and fuzzy photos my sneaky friends took as the fella proposed to me. I realize this is a lot of engagement-themed art for one wall, but I'm sure I'll change some of these out eventually. For now, I just think they're funny!

Here's the wall in it's current glory (and Emmy Award winning Top Chef on tv).

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