Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art-asaurus, Wall 1.

When I'm feeling particularly lonely or stressed I have the urge to nest. This is arguably fruitless since I'll be moving in less than a year, and probably again a year after that. These facts do not stop me.

For months, I'd been displaying some pictures and mementos on my windowsill. I really liked the casual display, but I could only see it when I was changing the channel on the tv. Not super useful. So I tried some different configurations and settled on the above.

Image from 3M.com.

I decided to hang them on the wall opposite my bed, so I can see them all the time! Yay! I also wanted to add a photo from the night we got engaged, I guess I'm just sentimental. They're hung with 3M velcro hooks. These are the best. Really. Skip straight over the picture hanging ones, and forget putting a zillion nails in the wall. Use the velcro stickies. Why, you ask? Because unlike the picture hangers, you're ok as long as you're in the ballpark when you hang them. If things aren't level, you have some wiggle room. Literally. This was totally ideal when I was about to hang 8 frames.

Ta-da. I'm pretty sure they look crooked because of the depth of the frames. Or they're crooked. I'm okay with it either way.

And the close up.

In case you're curious, clockwise from the top left:
1. A found photo from a thrift shop I got for 50 cents.
2. An envelope the fella got for me at a street sale in Germany.
3. A double helix I stenciled on a whim this summer.
4. A postcard of Dali's The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used as a Table, I saw it on display when I was at the museum in St. Petersburg and have loved it since.
5. A photo of the kissing trees in the Blue Mountains in Australia. Legend says you will be forever with the person you kiss in front of the trees. When it was our turn, the fella told the tour group he wasn't sure about "forever." Thanks.
6. Us!! Just after getting engaged in Bryant Park.
7. A photo I took in Scotland at Giant's Causeway- the basalt hexagon column things are badass.
8. The restaurant ticket from Otto from the night we got engaged. Thanks to B, for having the foresight to tell me to save this.

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