Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My lunchtime blogroll is a smattering of knitting, design and wedding blogs. And lately, they've been throwing mucho inspiration my way.

I found a great clothing store called ModCloth (admittedly, I haven't ordered from them, yet) that features about a billion things I want to own. I came to it from BraveBride, where she thought it would make a great place to find bridesmaid dresses. I concur.

One of my newest obsessions is Springpad. It has saved me from my gmail wedding organization chaos. My previous system involved emailing myself a link to something I wanted to remember, and trying to put an adequate label in the subject line. Seriously, that was my "system." Suffice to say Springpad has saved me. I can organize bookmarks in "notebooks" with searchable tags, and photos from the website. For what it's worth, it will also save other useful things, like recipes, calendars, maps, and it will sync with smartphones (not like I have one...) I came to this site from 2000dollarwedding.

Last for now comes from How About Orange; it's a great resource of affordable original art at Thumbtack Press. As my move to a real grown-up house is fast approaching, I'll be needing real art to decorate the (presumed) drab, carpenter-white, rented walls. Feel free to buy me this print called "Fishlamp."

So that's what's been consuming my time... Any other distractions I badly need?

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