Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holy Yulie, Batman!

(from Grumperina!)

I can't find my camera so I can't adequately share with you the amazingness that is Yulie. But I am SO excited that I just can't wait another second. Really.

Yulie is a near-perfect beret pattern that I came across whilst browsing Grumperina's freebies. Reasons I love this pattern:
1. It requires very little yarn. At less than 1 skein of each color, I could use one of my "special" yarns for the contrasting color (Noro Kureyon, to be exact. As an aside, I dare you to tell me these colors don't make you swoon).
2. It is a lace pattern, so a little more fun to knit than other patterns, but easy enough to memorize.
3. The stripes are knit in a spiral, so to speak. This way there are no jogs in the color and it looks super seamless (well, because it IS seamless).
4. The pattern is amenable to adding more or less slouch.

(from Noro)

I knit this over the weekend. That includes finishing, realizing it was too small (because I can't be bothered to swatch), un-knit the crown, re-knit the plain rounds (see #4 above), and refinishing it. I didn't block, because I was digging the squishy look. And did I mention, I'm in love with it?!?!

I promise, as the camera resurfaces, you can see my sweet hat.

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