Monday, June 6, 2011

Back. Again. Maybe. Whatever.

Every time I stop writing/documenting/musing, I think, "shame on you, self, you've not followed through on another project." This is a recurrent theme not only in my half-assed blogging, but also knitting, cleaning, and most other hobbies. I'm committed and excited, but only in spurts.

So here I am once again (I think this is about my 4th time recommitting) promising to, well, try again. I have lots of big changes on the horizon, and maybe it wouldn't hurt to move the tumult from the recesses of my brain and leave the weird random brain-thoughts here in the safe comfort of google.

Big changes/projects(!):
1. Moving to our new apartment
2. Furnishing said apartment to not look like a frat house
3. Finish planning post-wedding vacation
4. Finish planning wedding...
5. Write dissertation (ha!)
6. Get off my behind and knit a wedding present for J and J

With some amount of motivation or, more likely some amount of procrastination from doing the things on the above list, it's my hope to share a little bit more about all of the above. (Did that even make sense? It did to me.) So for the next few months (hopefully!) things here will be more like "science, science, moving, decorating, wedding, vacation, knit." Unless this is just a mirage and I don't post again for another 6 months. And I'm perfectly okay with that, too.

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