Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where I've been...

This was the view outside my hotel window. Eat your heart out.

...Amsterdam! This past week I was lucky enough to attend EuroPneumo (yup, really what it's called). It was 4 packed days of pneumococcal disease - and I was stoked.

Of course it wasn't all rainbows and canals. In true cursed-me form, the traveling was a nightmare. Notable hiccups in chronological order:

- leaving my poster at security

- having my plane from Columbus delayed 1.5 hours

- consequently having my layover in Detroit reduced from 1.5 hours to 0

- alternately sprinting and heaving in the Detroit airport

- leaving my passport on the airplane in Schipol (seriously, who does this?)

- not being able to find the baggage carousel

- finding the baggage carousel and realizing my bag was not on it

- realizing I'd lost the claim ticket for the bag when I left the passport on the plane

- realizing the bag had the Fella's identification information on it instead of mine

- being hoodwinked by a Dutch cab driver/arguing with a Dutch cab driver

- realizing that not having luggage also meant not having pajamas (bonus points since sharing a room with my boss)

- finding out there were mosquitoes in our room and waking up to a quarter-sized itchy red bullseye on my forehead

- remembering no luggage also means no makeup

and that was just the first 24 hours. Huzzah! But seriously, never travel with me.

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