Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sick day = sock day!

Tomorrow I am taking a sick day. (Note to astute readers: I don't really get sick days, but my boss said it was okay to stay home, so I consider that to be roughly the same thing). I have appointments that will take up the morning and will be home from lunchtime on. I have taken this blissful opportunity to learn how to knit socks - painfully overdue!

I have chosen to learn toe-up (as opposed to cuff-down), on double pointed needles. I will save tackling (and explaining) two circulars for now. Pattern du jour from Knitty. I'm pretty sure I can handle this, as my oeuvre of techniques covers more than the basics. Pretty soon, I will be able to pay more and spend more time to acquire a pair of socks! Hooray!

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