Sunday, September 13, 2009

Babies are not food, but can look like it.

My friend's sister is having a baby. Now normally, this is too far removed to warrant a gift, but I know I will be in town the weekend of her shower and, what the heck, baby stuff is freaking *small.* I started thinking of the very popular Saartje's booties. Totally cute and dainty and won't require hardly any yarn.

But then I remember that her sister was the oh-so-lucky recipient of my totally awesome corn and turkey legs last year around this time as the Fakesgiving hostess gift. So maybe that's how I got food on the mind...
Anyway, now I'm totally smitten on making this baby look delicious. I've narrowed it down to the Cupcake Hat and the Tomato Baby Beanie (though, I'm leaning towards eggplant, myself). Current yarn stash will probably determine which will come to be, and if time allows, perhaps some matching booties too.

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