Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yet another go around

From here, though I think this is both unrelated and probably crochet.

This blog and I mirror many of my relationships and commitments in life. I predictably go through these stages (that I am making up right now).

Stage 1: Discovery. The OMG how did I live without this?!
Stage 2: Obsession. This is where I google like it's my job, forget to eat and stay up until 2 a.m.
Stage 3: Reality. Okay, so while this is cool, maybe it isn't the coolest thing I've ever done.
Stage 4: Inexplicable resentment.
Stage 5: Boredom/Indifference.
Possible stage 6: Rediscovery. I'll reevaluate my love/hate relationship with project X and either return to Stage 1, or begin a modified, less-scary, toned down, reasonable commitment.

This is true for:
i) most knitting projects (especially those that require more than one skein)
ii) most reality TV shows (hello, Jersey Shore, I hate you)
iii) any single aspect of my new wedding planning
iv) exercise, generally
v) the lofty goal of packing lunch and cooking dinner every day

With that all said, I'm here to give the ol' blog yet another fresh start. You should know that in addition to science and knitting, wedding planning has now crept into the forefront of my mind. So don't be mad if I want/need to talk about things that are neither science, nor knitting-related (though I already have some killer ideas of how to incorporate both of my loves into the wedding).

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