Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend mission: spray painted vases

We've toyed around with the idea of doing our own wedding flowers, with the help of our brilliant friend, M. So I've haphazardly looked for centerpiece inspiration from wedding and design blogs. I think I like mismatched bud vases, and while I happen to adore milk glass, it's a little too shabby chic for our affair. So what to do?

Knitted vase cozies like the one I made here? Maybe.

(Photo my own, yo)

But then I came back to this idea seen awhile ago on Style Me Pretty, done by Twig & Thistle. I think these are black, but I like how they appear a deep aubergine. I like that cheapy crappy vases suddenly look chic and unified.

(Photo from Style Me Pretty)

Then, more recently, 100 Layer Cake showed a similar tutorial for spray painting mason jars. The big difference is that these are painted on the inside. What I like about this is that the clear glass makes the color appear shiny, almost lacquered. A very different look, but also pretty. Potential drawback, all of these vases would have to start out clear glass.
(Photo from 100 Layer Cake)

So! The mission for this weekend is to acquire some purple-ish spray paint, hit the goodwill and try painting inside and outside of some vases. At worst, I'm out a few bucks, a few hours, and a few glass vases. At best, I'm one step closer to tablescape heaven.

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