Monday, June 23, 2008


There is a lot of blocking going on in my life right now, both mathematically and knit-ematically. In statistics, one often has to block data to make results more reliable. No one cares (at least I don't).

More exciting, however, I blocked the front panels for the cardigan I'm working on (pictures to follow). I'll block the back tonight, and the sleeves... as soon as they're done. It's my first cardigan, so I'm really excited for the results.

Also, since I'm loving the cardigan so far, I'm visually shopping around for my next sweater project. I really like everything by Melissa Wehrle, but am also considering a more traditional EZ-esque sweater with a fancy yoke. I'm open to suggestions. So if you want something special for Christmas, now's the time to ask.

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