Friday, June 27, 2008

Get Your Fish Fry On!!

That's right, it's Friday and that means I have full license to daydream for most of the afternoon.

Knitty is running a calendar contest, and I am obsessed with entering. You need a creative (they really stress creative) display of a Knitty-patterened project. And if you win, you get a) bragging rights, b) killer swag. I looked at some past winners and was mildly disappointed. Socks in the foreground with a scenic background is not creative. Wearing a sweater in the woods while you knit is not creative. There's a pattern for a lampshade and I want to take a picture of me with it on my head. *That* is creativity, bitches. Of course, I first need to knit it.

I mean, I make pretty things, right? That's what my friends tell me, at least. So the rest of the day will be daydreaming about how I can stage my stuff to, well, basically look better than everybody else's.

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